Behind the Shadows

Bugs in the tunnels

Strange things have happened during the last day in Kratsch. A sudden cave in of a house, a alchemist lab has been destroyed and rumors of activities at the Tombhill are spreading.
The characters had been summoned to the city council into the Hall of Guilds and were put in charge of revealing the truth beyond these rumors and incidents.

They went to the caved in house and found that the house was collapsed into a tunnel that was dug under the house. They followed the tunnel and encounter several ratmen and a beast as high as a horse but looking like a huge bug with big green eyes and claws like shovels, burrowing the tunnel.
The fought off the ratmen but they choose to retreat from the tunnels before the Umber Hulk could cut off their path.

Why are the ratmen digging tunnels beneath the city?
And what has this to do with the rumors of the Tombhill or the devastated alchemy lab?



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