Behind the Shadows

Dwarven relicts in the Shadows

Infested by orcs

Our brave heros followed the path through the Shadowlands following the magic map they found back in the Lyceum of Magic. It shows their surrondings in the shadows and far ahead at the edge of the map they can make out several named sites. Some of them sound like names. Others seems to describes pillars or a town.

As they move on, the magic map is following and highlithing the path they should take in this labyrinth of different path that seem to alter themself.

After some time they came to a type of chamber. The walls of the dark fog vanish and allow to get get a sight at a cave and enclosing a set of pillars. Their artifical light flickers on the surface of the pillars and bring old runes to live. Runes that remebers our heros of dwarven runes, even if they have slight variations.

They follow the path through the cave which turns into a stronghold, which might once have been build by dwarves. Dead dwarven warriors of ancient times ly around in the tunnels. They fought once a tough fight against an unknown intruder.

An intruder. Which type of intruder? Not long after they pass into the stronghold they can hear drums. Wardrums. Orcish wardrums and they hear approaching orcs together with a unbearable stench. A stench coming from beast that come together with the orcs and surronding our heros. A brutal fight takes place, where our heros open a path to the side to breack the surrond and manage to draw back the orcs. They decide to leave the main corridor, sealing it behind them, since they can hear more orcs coming along the corridors.

Only hundreds of feets along the side corridor they stumble about a small hideout of orc beastmasters, but the beast still looked up in a cage. And a pitch black creature in the other corner. As our paladin enters the rooms he feels the black creature in that second cage. Raising his sword he shatters the look and frees the nightmare that was looked up there. With a kick of the legs the gate got pushed open and the dark horse stepped out of the cage.



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