Behind the Shadows

Into the Shadow Boarder

After rescuing the prisioners and granting them a save return to the city the heros took on the fight in the room from which they heard the magical chanting.

But they were already awaited by a huge number of orcs and ogers standing in front of a open portal. One of the orcs spoke a short command and shortly there after they saw fog arising behind them. Sceletons, a huge monster with four arms and the beholder they saw in the cave of the rats before emerged out of the fog and cut away the only route for a retreat.

They decided to stand their fight and used their magic powers to eliminate all of orcs and entered the room before the portal only to recognize another beholder, much bigger than the first one in one alcove waiting for them. He laughed at them and instantly attacked them, but it seemed that he only played with them, driving them out of the room. In a rush decision they choosed the way through the portal…

The appeared in an almost dark cave like structure where the floor and ceiling consistst out of dark fog. A path made out of this dark fog lead away and fearing a pursuit they head along the path. It turned out, that only a small portion of the path is solid fog. To the left and to the right the fog didn’t support and all things felt through.

They followed the path for some time until the reached a bisection. And soon it turns out that a whole labyrinth evolved in this shadowy world. After some time they found a plattform with a dead human on it, whcih seemed to have camped here. A logbook told them that he strived these ways for some months before he passed away. He called this region the “boarder” but a quick reading didn’t turned out any further information. The put up camp on the plattform and put up watches. During the night a six leged creature witch tentacles appeared and began to fight them and accused them to be “intruders” and asked them to leave or they will die. They finally drove it off and it just jumped through the dark fog.



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