Behind the Shadows

Revelations - Behind the Shadows

On the way to the old castle

The heros returned from the Lyceum of Magic and began to carefully study the Dark book. They studied the runes on the book cover and translated it as

The World behind the Shadows

As they read through it, It revealed a story of an ancient war:
The Gods of Good fought a battle against the Gods of Evil. After centuries of devestation they were at the edge of their victory and planning for destroying all evil for now and ever on. They forced METROCA, The Goddess Of Monster and Orozas, The Father of Horrors back into the shadows from where they evolved and sealed the shadows until the end of days.

But they were betrayed. One of their own kind revealed himself to be a trickster. He, who they named from then on CHAAH, The God of False and Trickery, fabricated the Ghost Moon. Spending it’s false light in the world behind the shadows and in the world of the mortals, providing a bridge between both.

Also they found instructions to construct a gate that would lead through the shadows. The rarest elements on the list they would need might be the umbra stones and the true piece of a god.

After they decided that no one should get this book, they headed to the old castle to investigate the rumors about strange sounds in the night.

They discovered that the castle was patroled by orcs. They sneaked their way into one of the towers and took out half a dozen guards without anybody noticing so far…


Thanks Aaron, keep doing that! Helps a lot!

Revelations - Behind the Shadows

Well without anyone noticing and being able to raise the alarm to others.

Revelations - Behind the Shadows

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