Behind the Shadows

The Old Castle

Orcs and Dungeons

The heros fighted through the whole castle and took out the orcs one by one until they were discovered by one of the war trolls. After an epic battle in the middle of the old watchtower they discovered a dungeon below the destroyed north tower of the castle.

After a swift discussion they decided to enter the tunnel and seek out any remaining orks in these old tunnels. Quite soon it become obvious that the stonework of these tunnels is different than that of the old castle.

A group of orc guards tried to ambush them, but their wizard shortend the fight by burning them and as the hot winds from his fireball left the room, nothing than ashes remained.

They followed the corridors to the east and passed by some quarters that now seem abandon, but was used by huge humanoids.
Following the corridor they reached a looked iron door they managed to open and discovered a type of prison. The guards there didn’t hesitate and began to slaughter the prisonors. Sneaking around the guards they managed to stop the executioner after slaying only one of the prisonors and just before the unexpected present of a goblin warlock brought them all down.



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