Behind the Shadows

Return to the Lyceum of Magic

Our heros decide to bring the Queen of Rats to the council of the City, that she may tell her story there.

They just stepped out of the tunnels, they discover some dead human bodies. All slain by claws and laying around in the early earie green morning sun. The three armed horrors still strove thru the city and watching the streets, clearly overseeing all movement in this part of the streets. To defend a citizen they engaged into combat, even if they were still exhausted from the battle beneath the city. They fought well and suddenly one of them growls a load roar that echoed through the streets, answered by dozends of other roars. And then they retreated, just in time before the red sun arises above the horizon.

The Rat Queen spoke before the city concil and our heroes fullfilled their promise and organized a save escape for the ratmen.

Still the Book of Shadows was missing and they suspected it still in Karrens Tower in the Lyceum of Magic. So they set for a second expedition to Karrens Tower. They made their way into the tower, again solving the riddles, which didn’t changed and approached the top chamber in the twin towers.

There they meet Wenzel, a small creature shapped like a tree, that waited since his masters death in this tower. They had to cross the bridge between the both towers, since Master Karrens laboratory was in the other tower. On the bridge they got attacked again by gargoyles, before they got to the other sides of the bridge.

In the laboratory dead bodies were scattered. The Mage and his apprentice died here, surrounded by the three armed creatures. The smell of ozone was in the air and a huge archway on one side of the room. In the archway a shattered portal was still visible. And on one desk a huge dark volume was laying, opened to a text, written in white letters on black pages.

Pictures Day 07

Meeting the Rat Queen
From the graveyard into the tunnels beneath Kraatsch

Our brave adventures decided to investigate the rumors on the northern graveyard. Two guards are missing and rumors spread throughout the city that there are creatures lurking during the night. As soon as the dawn sets, they began to patrol the area and shortly after midnight shadows of human sized creatures walk over the graveyard. It turned out to be ratmen, digging for skeletons and bones. A fight broke out until they overwhelmed them and the surviving two ratmen began negotiations.

Our heroes agreed to follow them to their queen. Down into some tunnels beneath the crypts, they headed south to the city again. Suspicious about an ambush they followed them deeper and deeper into the tunnels until they reached a large, dimly lit cavern. A tall rat sitting on a simple throne: The Queen of the Rats!

In the negotiations it turned out, that they are forced to dig for the bones because they fear a greater doom. In the moment where she was about to reveal their peril, a scout appears and whispered something to the queen. “It is coming!” she admitted with a broken voice, “hide behind the curtain”. Our heroes did as ordered and soon thereafter they felt the presence of something dark and evil entering the cavern. The creature demanded the tribute, the bones from the graveyard. Meanwhile one of our heroes peek through a small hole in the curtain and was almost stunned by what he saw: A hovering ball, eyestalks with a gigantic mouth. A creature of old myths: A beholder.

It punished the ratmen for being late in their payments and was about to leave, when it turned around and starred at the curtain. The curtain transformed to dust in the ray of his eye and revealed the heroes. “So, you betrayed me?” he addressed the queen, turned around to his minions and ordered as he left the cavern: “Kill them all!”. Our heroes fought a long and brave battle, trying to survive and save the queen.

Now they know something really dark and evil is lurking under the city, collecting bones. Is this monster also responsible for all the other incidents? What will they do next? Will they tell anyone? What are their plans with the Queen of Rats? Or do they go back into the lyceum of magic?

Karren's Tower

They fought their way up in one of the towers of the Lyceum of Magic and finally succeded in the test the tower was setting up for them.
Exhausted and drained they decided to head back to the city to resupply and take a rest before they try to approach the last floors just beneath the towers spire.

What will wait in the top chambers of the wizards tower? Will they search for the taint that lays beneath the yard as the old tree ask them?

And still some mysteries in the town remain: What are the rumurs about the sightings at the graveyard? And what escaped into the tunnels?

How does all this fit into a larger picture?

Lyceum of Magic

The heros fought their way through the jungle garden in the sewers of the Lyceum of Magic. Encountering a naga that were enprisioned in the cellars of the college. They escaped barely before they fail to her suggesting magic to let her free.

Up in the second floor they reached the library that was filled with hundereds of books and several ghost floating through the corridors. They began their search of the Book of Shadows but weren’t able to located it until they convinced one of the long dead librarian to show them the pages of the old log of borrowed books with an entry of the Book of Shadows next to an unknown name.

To whom might this name belong? Will they find the book?

Shadow Stones

Some clues in the broken in warehouses led the group to a mysterious chest, which was sold on an auction some months ago. One of the interested bidders was the alchemist that just lost his laboratory a day ago. The group headed toward the other two bidders also alchemists and directly got involved in another attack in one laboratory. A strange otherworldly creature covered with hundreds of mouths and eyes tried to swallow the chest with its mystic interior. In a heroic act they fought of the beast and were able to recover most of the dark stone that were in the chest.

Where does this strange beast does come from and what is the secret behind the dark stone in the chest? Who dig the tunnel beneath the laboratories and who got off with the rest of the dark stones?

Bugs in the tunnels

Strange things have happened during the last day in Kratsch. A sudden cave in of a house, a alchemist lab has been destroyed and rumors of activities at the Tombhill are spreading.
The characters had been summoned to the city council into the Hall of Guilds and were put in charge of revealing the truth beyond these rumors and incidents.

They went to the caved in house and found that the house was collapsed into a tunnel that was dug under the house. They followed the tunnel and encounter several ratmen and a beast as high as a horse but looking like a huge bug with big green eyes and claws like shovels, burrowing the tunnel.
The fought off the ratmen but they choose to retreat from the tunnels before the Umber Hulk could cut off their path.

Why are the ratmen digging tunnels beneath the city?
And what has this to do with the rumors of the Tombhill or the devastated alchemy lab?

Awakening - Prelude
The dream of the king in the forgotten tomb

You just hit the Dead Giant with the blade of the long forgotten king, only moments later the green sun of Anval rises above the horizon but only touches the smashed bones…

And you awake in your room, drained and tired, feeling the like you have been beaten, but in a dream? You walk over to your window and see that the Anval, the ghostsun, is painting the city in her green light, giving it a ghostly touch and leaving this awkward feel as soon as you realize that no of the early rising persons on the streets is throwing any shadows. You always shiver slightly when you recognize the missing shadow in Anvals light.

You turn away from the window, letting your mind go back to the memories of this curious dream. You remember every step of it. But,… you haven’t never visit Glenndale nor you have ever adventured with other …friends?… How were their names? Davvis? Yes, Davvis, Radighan and Santi, Amerlin and Ralaith. You never heard of them before, but you remember their faces, their voices and habits… And there is this slight pain in your chest. You took a look down and see a red burned mark on it, the same location where the white sparks of the Dead King and his attendants hit you. You rub over the mark and the slight pain eases away.

The scenes of the fights pass along in front of you. Fighting in a heavy suit of armor. You? You never did this before, you even never have been trained to fight… You were just going to start your apprenticeship… What a weired and nevertheless realistic dream… But you feel something. Besides your aching muscles and the imaginary wounds you feel comfortable with the idea of holding a weapon, remembering your tight grip around the hilt and swing it as you have learned it. Learned it? No…

You shake your head to push away the memories of the last night and get ready for your first day in your new profession. You cut a thick slice of your bread to appease your hunger as Thar, the red sun, makes the second sunrise and draw away the the unpleasant light of Anval. Just as you grab your things, you recognize something below it that wasn’t there last evening: A metal piece, covered with runes and dust. The same thing you had hold in your hands only moments ago, fighting the Dead Giant…


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