The Old Castle – Day 9

Two Handed Sword

A plain straith sword without any markings. There is dark brown leather straped around the hilt. Even if it looks used it is obvious that it is of extraordinary quality.


It is most probably a work of a dwarven smith, but it lacks the typicall clan markings it normally would bear if it had belonged to a dwarf.

Hardened Leather Gauntlets

These gauntlets form a pair. Their outside is armoured with hardened leather plates. They reach almost the elbow if worn.

White Marble

A plain white marble of about a half inch diameter. It seems to be made ot of glass of white marble.

Revelations – Behind the Shadows – Day 8

Karrans spellbook

This huge an quite heavy tome contains several spell you never had heard before

Skull of a beast

You have never seen before such an skull. It exhibits a wolf like snout with huge teeth to both sides. The bone is covered with black symbols.

A rod of bluish color.

On the side it reads in dwarven runes: “Moradins blessing”

A vest

This red embroidered vest is made out of thinn wool.

A large scroll

It is allmost 3 feet long with wooden bars to roll it up. When you open it you see moving symbols and lines, constantly shifting on the sheet of paper. Completelly rolled out this scroll is about 3 feet times 9 feet. It comes with a thin leather protective cover

A wooden amulet with a picture of a turtle on one side.

A brooch with a red faintly glowing stone in it.

A pair of boots, made out of linen and reinforced with fine leather.

A set of red glasses in a brass frame

A relative big iron key that shows some runes on it. (already used in session 3)

A crystal sphere of about an inch with engraved arrows on it.

A necklace of savings throws +1

A ring

And a sword of +1 that was pulled out of the first level in the spell tower


Behind the Shadows falerion