Behind the Shadows

Betrayal above the Lower Colon

During the encounter with the hydras, Bastion was bitten by the Ancient Hydra, and was poisoned by its bite. Even with their best efforts, no one was able to neutralize the poison within him, leaving him weak and unable to continue on. As they were preparing to leave, the group found an enchanted belt and a pair of gloves, as well as 3000 gold pieces in the hydra’s horde. After much work, they were able to skin the beast and bring its hide back with them to use as armor, as well as sell it for gold.

Upon their return, they met with the king as well as the younger prince. With a few days of rest and crafting, they followed up with a lead from the chief sage of the kingdom, and made their way to an old copper mine. However, after travelling for some time, it became apparent that the lead was a trap for them, as they were sealed into the cave by an unknown party collapsing the tunnel behind them, leaving them with no way to go but forward. After a harrowing encounter with a roper monster hidden underneath a bridge, they found a crack that led them to an area affectionately known as the “Lower Colon” by Davvis, that took them to another underground complex that seemed to be an ancient dwarven cemetary.

The heroes made their way through the complex, avoiding patrols of mechanical golems and beasts, and find themselves in front of a huge double-door…

As an Out of Game sidenote, the party is currently sitting on top of approximately 5000 GP, a dozen rubies, as well as a pair of rubies shaped like eyes that may or not be traceable to the clockwork golem we wrecked in the later part of the night.



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