Behind the Shadows

Traces of treason

Our heros learned about the situation and the politics in the dwarven kingdom. Their welcome feast was suddenly disrupted by a call to the arms as orcs were able to open the front gate and flood the middle hallways. Our heros took up their weapons and joined the dwarfs in an epic battle against the hordes.

After the fight they searched the bodies of the fallen orcs and found a note written in orcish runes. Written on quite nice paper. Paper that potentially was from superior quality showing some watermarks and might have originated from the dwarfs themself. Also they discovered that it is unusal that the dwarfs had been able to oben the doors, since they would have needed a dwarf for that.

They began to ask question among the dwarfs without rising suspisions among them and learned that also in the past the orcs had been tactically very well informed, but never a spies had been found. They further learned that there had been some tunnels which the dwarfs collapsed when they lost their battles there. Tunnels that let to a district they called “the lower halls”. Our heros approached the dwarfen general and informed him about their suspsion.

They finally tracked down the paper to a merchant that was originally located in the lower halls and they left the city to explore the lost halls. They found footprints coming from the collapsed tunnels and it looked like that this person meet some other persons in this hall. but before they could investigated further they got attacked by a group of hydras which lurked in the dark. A epic scale fight evolved and after half of our heros were already knock out the remaining were able to get the final blow on these beast. They were kind of lucky that this new person apperead in the middle of the combat and joined their fight. Who knows what might have happend if he haven’t been there.



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